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Chess and Checkers

When our daughters were young, Darlene and I often enjoyed taking them for a meal at our local Cracker Barrel restaurant. And no excursion was complete unless we payed checkers near the fireplace. I would usually let them win when they were younger, but as they grew older, and became more sagacious in their moves, I had to, in mental fullness, enter into the contest if I ...

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An Open Letter to My Friend, Ravi

Dear Ravi, Darlene and I are praying for you and your lovely family during these days. I want you to know how much you mean to me personally. As I've been reflecting on your impact, so many things come to mind: The privilege that was mine of circumnavigating the world with you for two years; "Don't get excited" from our driver in NYC who we were pretty sure went to high s...

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How Can I Keep My Joy When Life’s Circumstances Are Changing All Around Me?

The apostle Paul founded the church at Philippi and had developed a close friendship with many of its members. At the beginning of his letter, (Philippians 1:12-21), Paul reminded the people (and us) that throughout the history of the world God has taken what seems to be a hindrance and obstacle, and, if His people stay patient and true to Him, converted it into a pulpit f...

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