What Are You Reading?

I am often asked, “What are you reading?” so I thought I’d let those who’d like to know what’s on my nightstand these days.


“If You Want Something Done…” by Nikki Haley offers inspiring examples of women who worked against obstacles and opposition and who summoned the courage to be different and lead. A few of the women Mrs. Haley shares with the reader: Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, and Wilma Rudolph.


A Week in the Life of Rome by James L. Papandrea. I’m preaching through the book of Romans this year and this historical fiction novel combines strong historical scholarship with a compelling narrative. Mr. Papandrea has a gift of making the people of first-century Rome come to life.


Spurgeon the Pastor by Geoffrey Chang. I am familiar with much of Spurgeon’s writings, sermons, and pithy quotes. In addition to his writing and preaching ministry, The “Prince of Preachers” was also a pastor of a church numbering thousands in 19th century England. As a mega-church pastor, I want to learn how this British mega-church pastor accomplished all he did in ministry.


The Pastor of Kilsyth by Islay Burns is a wonderful biography of the Scottish minister W.H. Burns who was born in the late 18th century. The great work of the Church is often carried forward by those who are not well-known nor do they receive much in the way of earthly recognition. I am enjoying getting to know this “humble, unobtrusive, loving, cheerfully serious, and quietly conscientious country clergyman.”


The Power to Change by Craig Groeschel. I’m reading this along with our Lead Team at church. The Amazon description says, “Few things in life are more frustrating than knowing you need to change, wanting to change, and trying to change, but not changing. [Groeschel offers] helpful exercises, real-life stories, and life-changing spiritual insights. Whether you are trying to lose weight, breathe new life into your marriage, read the Bible more, get out of debt, or give up an addiction, Craig's step-by-step, time-tested strategies will equip you to start living the life God wants for you.”


The Interventionist by Lyle Schaller. Besides pastoring @lowcountrycc I work with a number of churches and pastors. And I hope to see this increase in the coming years. Schaller believed that the most influential way to influence both individual behavior and organizational behavior is by asking solid, probing questions. This book offers assistance to guys like me who are requested to assist pastors and churches by creating a strategy that will be effective with both groups.


Pick up one or two of these wonderful books and dive in. I think you’ll be glad you did.