Leading Different Personalities, Part Two

There are a number of terms that have been coined over the years to describe different personality types. It helps us categorize people and aids us in making each other a bit more understandable. Here are four basic personality types and how to spot them.


  1. The popular SANGUINE.


The easiest personality to identify is the sanguine. This is the liveliest and animated of all the personality types. They tend to love bright colors and dress accordingly.


Behaviorally, sanguine personalities love to communicate and generally are very effective in this area. This can be a problem, however, when they talk too much. When they talk their mouths are not the only things moving, their hand gestures often help with their communication.


When it comes to enthusiasm, they rule the world. They tend to be passionate about their interests and will share that passion with anyone who will listen. They love people and are great motivators.


Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Katy Perry, Tigger, Michael Scott, and Dolly Parton are famous sanguine personalities.


  1. The perfect MELANCHOLY.


The melancholy personality is the most sensitive. They are lovers of beauty and tend to strive for perfection in all they do. If you want a job done right, call a melancholy. It could take a long time because they are so detail oriented, but in most cases, the job will be done with precision.


They tend to be quiet people and usually prefer to be alone as to being with a lot of people. They tend to shy away from social events and prefer jobs that allow them to work in a solitary environment.


Because they are ardent seekers of perfection they can sometimes be overly critical of themselves and others. However, the world is a more beautiful place because of the contributions of this wonderful personality.


Well-known melancholics are Morgan Freeman, Gandalf, Nicole Kidman, Michelangelo, Audrey Hepburn, and Eeyore.


  1. The powerful CHOLERIC.


Who are you going to call if you need something done? A choleric! This personality makes the world go round. They are the most mission-minded of the four personality types. If there is a need, they fill it. If there is a problem, they solve it.


Of the four personality types, they need to have control. If they get out of balance in this area, they will drive you nuts with their bossy antics and micromanaging tendencies.


This is one of the more practical personalities and tend to be quick thinkers. Jobs requiring snap decision-making skills fit this personality well. Police officers and fire fighters often have the choleric personality. You can learn a lot and succeed a lot by observing this personality.


The apostle Paul, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Donald Trump, Winston Churchill, and Rabbit are famous cholerics.


  1. The peaceful PHLEGMATIC.


Last, but not least, we have the phlegmatic personality. This person is often the most difficult to identify because he/she is unassuming. I affectionately call them the “go-with-the-flow” people or the “chameleon”. They fit in just about anywhere you put them.


They tend to be very diplomatic, reliable, and inoffensive. Most everyone loves the phlegmatic because they really don’t have any traits that drive people crazy. Well, almost . . . because they are so very laid back they often don’t show passion for things. They can be lazy and their indecision can be frustrating at times.


They tend to be a little slower in things. Phlegmatic individuals absorb new information for a long time. The same with decisions. A phlegmatic will first need to analyze all the pros and cons. Subsequently, phlegmatic individuals will make a decision that will be well-thought-out, balanced, and risk-free. They will not withdraw from the decision; they will exhibit perseverance and even stubbornness.


Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Winnie-the-Pooh, his best friend Piglet, and Abraham Lincoln are well-known phlegmatics.


What is the most effective way to connect with each of these personality types?


The Sanguine: Give them attention and approval.


The Melancholy: Recognize their emotional need for order, time, and sensitivity.


The Choleric: Communicate you appreciate them and their work.


The Phlegmatic: Learn to respect them. Appreciate their low-key nature.


Where do you fall into these personality types? What about those closest to you? How about your teammates? Think of one action you can take to connect with the other three personality types different from yours.




The above principles are from my previous teaching ministry with EQUIP, Inc. I share with their kind permission.