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Baldness, Time, and Managing Opportunities

Mounted statues stood like sentinels around ancient Greek cities. Some represented famous people and ideals; others were dedicated to Grecian gods. The apostle Paul spoke of one marbled deity: "I even found an altar with this description:'To an Unknown God.'" (Acts 17:22-23) One was named the Statue of Opportunity. It depicted a human being. The head, however, was unusual...

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Are We Having Too Many Meetings?

In recent weeks I have heard a number of pastor friends bemoaning the fact that they seem to find themselves in endless rounds of meetings. Whether you are in ministry or business, meetings seem to be the bane of our existence...especially if they occur during those sacrosanct evening hours.

 But why? Good things can come from meetings: decisions are made, dreams are...

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Five Ways to Spot a Potential Leader

The constant cry of leaders everywhere is, "Where do I find more leaders? We have the workers and volunteers, but no one willing to lead them." 
Here are five ways to spot a potential leader:

 1) A potential leader holds the respect of his or her own family. This is often quickly dismissed but I think it is one of the greatest ways to spot a leader. A family's fe...

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