The book of Judges describes an absolutely horrible time in the history of Israel. This was Israel's darkest hour. The nation of Israel would do evil and worship other gods. As a result, Jehovah God would give them over to one of the nations that surrounded them, and for a period of time, they would be oppressed by their enemies. Then they would cry out to God, and God would send them a judge who would deliver them.

In Judges 4 and 5 we are able to read the story of Deborah and Barak and how God used each of them to defeat the Israelites’ enemy at Mt Tabor. At LCC, we are currently in the middle of a sermon series entitled “Judges” and you can watch the sermon where I share their full story here.

But what can we learn from Deborah and Barak?


God is at work in the world. You can work with Him or He will work around you.


That truth struck Darlene and I as we listened to a ministerial colleague in Maryland, Aaron Hixson. He shared it in a sermon and I thought it is so good, so true, so powerful that I had to share it with you.

When you allow your life to be compromised by the world, it stalls you from responding to God willingly and rapidly and obediently. When you allow fear to compromise your faith, it stalls you from responding to God willingly and rapidly and obediently.

Ask yourself: “Do I want to work with God as He works in my day? Will I listen for His still, small voice and do what He leads me to do? Will I walk out my life in bold, uncompromising faith that He is at work in the world and in my life?”

Do I want to be used by God to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those I am in school with, work out with, work with, live with? Or am I okay with Him going around me and using someone else?

Will I allow my small faith to prohibit me from believing God for HUGE things in my life? From joining Him in His work in the world?

God is no less at work today than He was in Deborah’s time and is always looking for those who are willing to believe Him, and say to Him, “God, you’ll never have to find someone else to do what you have called me to do.” Will you be that person?