Take New Ground

Do you recognize these two names? Frank Lillyman and Leonard Schroeder.  Frank was the first parachutist from the 501st parachute infantry regiment to jump out of a C47 transport plane in the wee hours of D-Day, June 1944.  He was the first American to parachute out into France.  Leonard Schroeder was the first American soldier on the beach on D-Day. He landed at 6:15am. When the ramp went down from the transport boat, Leonard jumped out into 57 degree water. Those two men were the first of hundreds of thousands of troops who forged ahead to take new ground. They forged a new world.

Think about your own life. Where do you need to take new ground? What area of your life do you need to take new ground? Take some time to reflect on these questions and then take the ground!