I'm Their Leader. Which Way Did They Go?

When I was a fledgling youth pastor, not much older than the students I was pastoring, I bought myself a ball cap. It was white with two bright red bills. One pointed toward the left and the other toward the right. Emblazoned in large lettering across the front it read: “I’m Their Leader. Which Way Did They Go?”

That message seemed so appropriate to me at the time. As a first-time leader, there were many days when I felt as if I didn’t know where to lead my group. I felt leading this youth ministry of mine wasn’t too far removed from herding cats. Just when I got one aspect down, I would turn around to discover that I had lost control in five other areas.

Over the next few months, I will share a weekly post as a part of a series entitled: “I’m Their Leader. Which Way Did They Go?”. This blog series (that may become a book one day!) is about leading people primarily within the local church context. This is offered as a tool to help ministry leaders. If you are reading this, you are likely leading a group of people who come with their own unique challenges and gifts. It’s my desire to share with you some of the lessons I have learned (and continue to learn). Much of the upcoming posts are not “book knowledge” kind of material; it has been borne out of experience and learning from others on a similar journey. Much of the leadership principles are also germane and easily transferable into the marketplace.

At the end of each of these blog posts, you’ll find a mini-section called Absorb. The section is designed to assist you and your team in making some applications to your setting.

I’d love to keep the conversation going. Please share with me what you are learning and what other topics you would like to see addressed in my future blog posts. I’m also interested in hearing how your church or organization is progressing and if this blog series was helpful to you. You can reach me here by email.

I hope this blog series will help you and your team to lead better now and in the future and that you will fully realize all God has providentially planned for you. There is nothing like leading people; and there is nothing like leading the people of God!