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Five Options When Faced With Conflict

In my book, Happily Ever After, I share the following humorous story about conflict: Years ago, a large statue of Christ was erected high in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile. Called Christ of the Andes, the statue symbolizes a pledge between the two countries that as long as the statue stands, there will be peace between Chile and Argentina. Shortly aft...

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Leaders Ask: Addition or Multiplication

An African proverb teaches us, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."God designed us to work in teams, not as maverick, renegade, lone rangers. If your mission can be accomplished by you alone, I would go on record by saying that it's probably not God's mission for your life or ministry.It's too small.God-sized visions require teams of peop...

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Leaders Keep The Big Picture In Mind

I once heard a friend of mine share the following true personal account: When he served a particular church as youth pastor, they would allow him to preach - but only on Sunday nights. After one particular sermon when he passionately challenged the congregation to reach out to their local communities with the gospel, he was approached by the stereo-typical little, old chur...

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Leaders and the Pecking Order

We read in the book, Descending Into Greatness, "Take ten chickens, any ten. Put them in a pen together, and spread a little chicken feed. In short order, you will witness an amazing phenomenon. 

 "In a matter of minutes, the chickens, previously strangers, will form a hierarchy based on dominance or, in everyday language, they will establish a Pecking Order. Insti...

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