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Leaders and the Pecking Order

We read in the book, Descending Into Greatness, "Take ten chickens, any ten. Put them in a pen together, and spread a little chicken feed. In short order, you will witness an amazing phenomenon. 

 "In a matter of minutes, the chickens, previously strangers, will form a hierarchy based on dominance or, in everyday language, they will establish a Pecking Order. Insti...

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Leaders Make The Difficult Decisions

Every leader, at some point in his or her leadership life, will be called upon to make a tough decision. And the acid-test of credibility for leaders lies in their ability to make, and follow through on, difficult decisions.

I began in church ministry as a youth pastor. I've always struggled with being a people-pleaser, and when I was younger, I really wanted everyone...

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Leaders Pursue A Purpose

The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and costly tombs ever built, but there is something fascinating about its beginnings.
Dr. James Dobson, in his book Coming Home, shares a fascinating insight into the Taj Mahal's history. "In 1629, when the favorite wife of Indian ruler Shah Jahan died, he ordered that a magnificent tomb be built as a memorial to her. The sha...

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The Leader and Buy-In

Bill stopped in at Joe's little general store, seeking to purchase a bottle of mustard. The shelves were loaded with salt - bags and bags of salt. Joe said he had some mustard, but would have to go down into his cellar to find it. Bill went down with him, and to his amazement, there were still more and more bags of salt! Everywhere he looked he saw salt. "Joe," Bill said, ...

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Checkers or Chess?

Whenmy daughters were younger,I taught them what little I know about the game of checkers. We often enjoyed playing in front of the big fireplace at Cracker Barrel restaurants.I can recall when I was growing up how much my cousins and I enjoyed playing against one another in our own little checkers tournaments. When I was in junior high school, I was introduced to the gam...

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Good Leaders and Effective Decision-Making

Leaders are called upon to make decisions. Sometimes the decisions are greeted with enthusiasm, while others are greeted with disdain. If you have ever tried to change your church's name or construct a new facility, you understand. Church leaders are often faced with inherent difficulties when decisions need to be made. Depending upon the leader's church polity, a decisio...

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Life vs. Death

As I look out over our congregation in multiples services each week, I always see faces that I don't recognize (especially since they're wearing masks) -but I love it! It affirms to me that God is growing and building His church in beautiful, coastal South Carolina. Seeing and meeting new people each week also shows me thatLCCis alive. And living things always grow. Growt...

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Eight Questions Every Leader Must Answer

I was once working on a leadership study based on 1 Timothy 3. I realized that Paul gives us eight questions that every leader should evaluate themselves on. 1. Can I be trusted with insider information? Leaders often hear it first, or last, but we are often privy to serious and vital information. I am forced to ask myself, do people trust me when they tell me something...

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A Leader Is A Reader

"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." So goes the sage advice from president Harry Truman. I have books filling cabinets, nightstands, and bookshelves.I have full shelves in my office, my home, and my study. My wife, Darlene, has always been incredibly patient with all of this and doesn't ask me too often to clean things out and get rid of a few bo...

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Two Ways to Grow as a Leader

Growth in leadership is something every leader in the world will tell you they want.Yet, too few are willing to pay the price.Why is that?Because it requires sacrifice. Two key ways a leader grows is by: 1. Reading and Listening to Speeches, Talks, QA's and Messages From Leaders You Want to Emulate. My literary hero, F. W. Boreham, used to sit in courtrooms and listen to...

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